General English

At Aryanpour School, we offer a wide array of courses for learners with all kinds of needs and from all walks of life.

Our English programs are EFL-oriented in nature having taken into consideration the language requirements of the Iranian learners of English.

Although we believe there is no English for General Purposes and whatever purpose you pursue is Specific, at least to yourself as a learner, our general courses are for those who are intrinsically motivated and wish to learn English for everyday life. These learners have a spectrum of purposes ranging from personal development to tourism.

Our general programs have been designed to meet the wants, wishes and needs of such learners. The curriculum is communicative in essence focusing on four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing intergratively. You may be placed in one of the four levels of Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate or Post-Intermediate (advanced) according to your proficiency upon entry. Zero beginners will, of course, be placed in the Basic level that precedes the Elementary level and for highly advanced learners, there is the chance to further their English education by attending professional courses such as CELTA, TESOL, Etymology, Linguistics, Translation, Journalism and many others according to their interests and goals.

Your first entry into our programs starts with a primary Placement Test in order to determine your proficiency level. The Placement Test is usually followed by a counseling session during which your exact needs are identified and the suitable program is suggested.


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