Human Resources

Department of Human Resources Support and Development at Aryanpour School of Culture and Education is a professional body formed to provide for the following:
1-Staff Support and Development
One of the most important duties of the department of HRSD is to design and implement staff support programs. Such programs come in different forms and in different areas. HRSD strives to create and maintain a safe and productive workplace with the essential elements of respect, honesty, trustworthiness, professionalism, and peace for all and every single member of our school. Staff needs are addressed and reflected in and by HRSD department. Staff educational and training programs fall in the realm of the responsibilities and duties of the department of HRSD.

2-Staff Recruitment
HRSD is the responsible body for identifying the vacant positions and needs of the institute, posting recruitment advertisements in the media and embarking upon processing and finalizing the applications and conducting interviews if deemed necessary. New staff members in both administrative and teaching areas are recruited through an application process which is almost always preceded or followed by an interview and a period of trial.
For a list of our vacant positions and for submitting your application click on the recruitment tab on our home page.

3-Quality Assurance
At Aryanpour School of Culture and Education, we are committed to providing quality education to our students in a professional and caring manner. In line with our learner-centered policy, we need to constantly make sure that our services are up to standards and enjoy the quality that we have guaranteed and our students expect to receive. As a result, our QA team conducts regular and consistent research into different areas and aspects of our services. Among these measures are learners’ feedback questionnaires, direct class observations, interviews and self-monitoring procedures.

We believe that a diverse, respectful and peaceful environment allows our human potential to flourish and grow. Our commitment is to promote our mission of excellence in education through our support of a creative and dynamic workplace and learning environment.

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