Jim Scrivener’s Seminar - How to teach grammar

How to teach grammar has always been a challenge for language teachers. Grammar is an essential part of any language and if taught professionally, even the most riveting one.

In this seminar, Jim Scrivener, the award-winning author of Teaching English Grammar, is offering concrete practical techniques to get away from ritualized course book use, and to challenge students and nudge them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Most course books nowadays are pretty informative. Most teachers are pretty good at exploiting them- with competitions, games, running around etc all in the hope that these will jazz up exercises and make the lesson more entertaining- although what they often do is pull the focus away from the real work.

At this event, Jim Scrivener is also providing the audience with effective techniques to help them engineer a deep engagement with grammar but still far from boredom.




Jim is a freelance writer, consultant, trainer and course leader. He also works as Teacher Training Ambassador for Bell and Academic Director of the Bell Teacher Campus.

He’s probably best known for his ELT methodology books, such as Learning Teaching, Teaching English Grammar and Classroom Management Techniques. His books have twice won Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union Prizes. He has also won the Ben Warren IH Trust Prize, The ARELS Frank Bell Prize and been shortlisted three time for British Council ELTONS innovation awards. His most recent books are for students: Visual Grammar 1 and 2.

Recently, along with Adrian Underhill he has been sowing the idea of a more challenge-rich, engagement-rich, learning-centered teaching that they have called "Demand-High". 

Jim has worked in many different countries over the years, including two years in Kenya, three in the USSR and seven in Hungary. He was head of the team that designed the Euro exams, now widely taken in Central Europe. He also designed and implemented the first Online Delta course.

Twitter: @jimscriv.


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