TEP (Teacher Education Program)

What is TEP?

TEP is a Teacher Education Program offered by Aryanpour School of Culture and Education. TEP is designed for those interested in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This course combines theoretical input with teaching practice to ensure practical knowledge of teaching.


Who is TEP for?

TEP is for those who are seeking a career in Teaching English, or are already an experienced teacher thinking of improving teaching abilities and awareness.

How does TEP compare with TTC?

Unlike TTC (Teacher Training Course), which follows the aim of training people to teach a special syllabus in a certain way in a particular teaching environment, TEP provides the candidates with the broad knowledge necessary to become professional English teachers who can research in their classrooms and devise their own theories and teaching strategies in various teaching environments. While TTC has to do with acquiring certain skills, TEP aims at developing abilities.


What does TEP involve?

TEP is a 6-week 64-hour course including the following:

·         Theories of Teaching

·         Assessed Teaching Practice

·         Classroom Observation

·         Written Assignments

·         Supervised Forums


What are TEP Entry requirements?

Interested candidates must take a proficiency test of English, and then attend an interview. If they meet the minimum standards in English language skills necessary for active participation in the course, they will be granted entry into the program.


Is there a certificate at the end of the program?

Those who successfully complete the program and all the assignments and pass the evaluation process will receive a certificate of completion or participation.


What are the employment prospects after TEP?

If the teaching applicants already possess the necessary qualifications of recruitment, successful participation in TEP will definitely provide them with greater chances of being employed by Aryanpour School of Culture and Education, or any other language school.


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