Regulations at Aryanpour School of Culture and Education are so simple and transparent. Our regulations have roots in the Respect Policy of the school. We do understand that in order for a school with thousands of students to run professionally and successfully, there must be some rules, regulations and discipline.

Aryanpour School of Culture and Education respects all students, staff and teachers as well as the rules and regulations set by the government. Therefore, students are all required to respect the same principles by observing them.

Some of the most significant principles of our regulations are:

* Observe the dress code in place by the government.
* Observe the social codes of conduct determined by the society and enforced by the government.
* Students who fail to respect others are subjected to immediate dismissal.
* We do not want us or any member of our school community including the students to cause any inconvenience for others especially neighbors of the school. In line with this very important principle, students are not to park their cars in places where the institute believes and says are places where in case you park *your vehicle, you may cause trouble or inconvenience to one of the neighbors.
* Students who show disregard for any of the above principals will be subjected to disciplinary action from suspension to immediate dismissal.

We appreciate your understanding and anticipated cooperation in observing the above regulations.

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