Respect Policy

Our “Respect Policy” is simple and universal and is based on the idea that by providing an explicit standard or benchmark for what is right and acceptable behaviour in our school, behaviour that falls short of this standard can be appropriately responded to.

At Aryanpour School of Culture and Education, there is a commitment to provide a safe, supportive and respectful environment for all members of our student-teacher community, so that teachers can provide the best of their services and students can achieve their full potential enabling them to participate fully in classroom activities here and in the society thereafter.

To this end, there is a commitment to develop and then maintain a “Culture of Respect” throughout our school community. This “Culture of Respect” is best attained when every member of the school community makes a conscious effort to:

* Always treat others with Respect, regardless of how they treat you.

* Always treat yourself with Respect.
* Try to forgive others who do not treat you with Respect.
* Apologize each time you fail to treat others with Respect.
* Always support others who are not being treated with Respect.

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