Aryanpour Language Clinic

A check-up from the neck up!

Many of us have a long tortuous history of training in the English language brimming with failures and abortive attempts. Yet, the temptation or need for learning English is a recurrent fever that hardly leaves us. We have had painful experiences in which our deficiency in communication has badly hurt us and impaired our other abilities and capabilities. We all have experiences of being stymied in a struggle to remember the right word to express our intended meaning and have experienced the excruciating pain of being misunderstood or misjudged whenever we failed to do so.

Many of us rush to English classes once there is an imminent meeting we should handle in English, or a test leading to a necessary certificate we need to obtain, or language requirement we should meet for entering a college or university, an examination we need to pass, etc. However, these sedative injections are just for temporary relief. When that exigency is over, we again lapse into our nonchalance towards English.

In the midst of all pains and confusions, there is one question that has always been exercising our mind in different forms and in different times, “What is it that I do not know that if I knew, I would perform better.” “What is it that I should learn” What area of language should I work on more than the other areas?

Aryanpour Language Clinic is a Linguistic Care Unit (LCU) in which we subject the clients to a rigorous and thorough check-up of their English organ and find out what is wrong with their language proficiency. Our experienced and knowledgeable examiners conduct various tests and use an array of measuring and assessing tools to prepare an x-ray map of each person’s strong and weak points. Our specialists will then offer consolations in regard to the measures each person needs to take to amend for the shortcomings and to treat the language malfunctions.

We are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology and have the required knowledge, experience and skill to make a complete diagnostic examination of your English language proficiency and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do in order to ameliorate your English.

Quite as much as we need to expose ourselves to medical examinations and check-ups, we need to have our learning organs and our weak and strong points assessed. Just like our physique requiring certain diets and physical activities to stay healthy and handsome, our mental faculty also requires regular check-ups and scanning just to make sure that we are learning enough, fast enough or in the right direction. A pathological analysis of our weak points in English demonstrates the reasons behind our slow or inadequate amount of learning and will cast light on the treatment we need to receive in order to amend for those shortcomings. A diagnostic approach is required to bring to light all the hidden pitfalls and what impedes or retards our learning. By diagnosing and analyzing the problems from one hand and identifying and strengthening the strong points from the other hand, we would be able to plan for a better learning with more profound understanding of ourselves and our learning needs and purposes.

Aryanpour Language Clinic is an addition to our programs and is intended to provide for the required diagnoses by conducting a rigorous analysis of applicants’ limitations and drawbacks.

We convert learning infirmities to performance abilities.

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