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IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is a standardized examination of the English language which is required as an English proficiency test by some universities especially in British based universities. There are two versions of the IELTS test:

 A. Academic Module
 B. General Training Module

Our IELTS preparatory classes are offered in four courses:

Listening Comprehension
In this course the focus is to improve your listening skill and to familiarize you with the sample questions and the techniques. You will be introduced to English phonetics and will be given a few lessons in English phonology in order to be able to distinguish pronunciational and intonational nuances.

Reading Comprehension
The focus in this course is on reading comprehension techniques and strategies. Efforts will be made to ameliorate your stock of vocabulary. Sample questions will be tried and you will learn how to manage your time.

 Writing Course
In this course you will learn how to organize your writing, present your ideas, describe the stages of a process, and a lot more. Both IELTS writing tasks will be covered and you will learn how to justify and support your views.

Speaking Ability
In this course you will acquire the ability to communicate effectively, use appropriate vocabulary and structures and to advance your overall accuracy and fluency. A list of sample topics will be discussed and worked on to give you the background necessary to handle an array of topics.

 Vocabulary (New)
In order to tackle all parts of the IELTS exam easily and with confidence, you need to have a rich and strong knowledge of vocabulary. We have added a course of vocabulary to IELTS exam components. The course has been designed to reflect the vocabulary items from previous IELTS examinations. It is a valuable collection of words with their definitions, synonyms and examples to clarify the usage of each word.

Please note that attending IELTS classes demands a certain level of English proficiency; the minimum language proficiency required for attending IELTS classes is Intermediate One in the hierarchy of courses at Aryanpour.


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