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Our TOEFL (iBT) preparatory classes are offered in five courses:


This is a very fundamentally necessary course for all candidates of the TOEFL classes. It is also a pre-requisite to TOEFL CBT, PBT and iBT Reading Comprehension courses. In this course you will be able to enrich your vocabulary stock with adding at least 1000 new words to your lexical storage. A fortified vocabulary will assist you with the other skills of Listening, Reading and Writing as well.

Reading Comprehension

This course pursues two purposes; the major purpose is to familiarize you with the necessary reading strategies and secondly to enrich your knowledge of vocabulary. In this course you will be introduced to the reading techniques that you need in order to decipher a passage, understand it and answer the related questions. You will be able to increase your knowledge of vocabulary by learning how to understand the meaning of words in contexts.

Listening Comprehension

This course is meant to enhance your listening strategies as well as your listening ability. You will be familiarized with American English phonological specifics of TOEFL and will sharpen your listening acuity at the same time. In TOEFL iBT, listening is a significant component you will see in all other components as well.

Writing Course

In this course you will manage to learn writing strategies as well as techniques. This course is constituted of three stages, i.e., sentence making, paragraph writing and essay writing. You will also gain hands-on experience in writing by completing a number of writing assignments during each course and receiving relevant and valuable feedback from your teachers.

[This writing class is also suitable for those who wish to take the IELTS or GRE]

Speaking Course

Speaking is now an indispensable part of TOEFL iBT. It is a demanding component of the examination in which other skills also have a role to play. In our speaking classes you will be introduced to techniques of speaking and will be taught the crucial expressions that would enhance your speaking ability and impression. The feedback you would receive from your teacher would give you a list of dos and don’ts of the speaking section of TOEFL iBT.

Please note that attending TOEFL classes demands a certain level of English proficiency; the minimum language proficiency required for attending TOEFL classes is Intermediate One in the hierarchy of courses at Aryanpour.


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